Nutraceutical Product Design

With a focus on innovation and formulation expertise, we transform your concept into a well-designed nutraceutical product tailored to meet specific health goals and consumer preferences.


Product Development

Our journey begins with understanding your vision and product goals. We collaborate closely with you to design customized nutraceutical formulations that align with your target market and desired health outcomes. We develop and refine nutraceutical formulations that meet your specific objectives. We aim to ensure your nutraceutical product achieves the desired quality, effectiveness, and market success.



Through rigorous scientific research, we evaluate the safety, efficacy, and functional properties of your nutraceutical product. Our team conducts preclinical and clinical studies, bioequivalence assessments, and feeding trials to provide evidence-based data supporting the effectiveness and safety of your formulation.



We navigate the complex process of creating comprehensive scientific dossiers and navigating regulatory requirements. Our expertise in developing regulatory strategies and documentation ensures compliance with authorities such as FDA, Health Canada, and EFSA. We handle the preparation and submission of necessary notifications, helping you achieve compliance with relevant regulations and guidelines.


Training and Education

We offer customized training programs to equip your team with the knowledge and skills necessary to promote and sell your nutraceutical products effectively. From sales and marketing training to consumer education initiatives, we empower your staff and enhance customer confidence in your offerings.


Academic Seminars & White Papers

We offer engaging and informative academic seminars tailored to your target audience. These seminars provide valuable insights into the efficacy and applications of your nutraceutical ingredients, keeping stakeholders informed and educated about the latest advancements in the field. 

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For more information on how the Nutraceutical Alliance can assist with the development, research, or regulatory compliance of your company’s future nutraceutical product(s).