Guideline For Designing Safe and Effective Nutraceutical Supplements

At the Nutraceutical Alliance we have designed dozens of nutraceutical products, and have assisted many clients with developing, or re-developing based on scientific principles (evidence-based research).

But many people ‘design’ products without much of a plan and without a scientific, evidence-based approach. Much care must be taken when using information from the internet to ‘support’ ingredients and products.

Designing a supplement is easy. Designing a very good nutraceutical supplement is not too difficult, but it takes time and digging. It is a challenging process with many steps that require a very good understanding of the life sciences, particularly in the disciplines of plant chemicals, biochemistry, toxicology, physiology, pharmacokinetics and pharmacology.

Here, we will consider the main approaches to designing an anxiolytic, that is something that will have a relaxing or calming effect within a short time after it is consumed orally.

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