CannaHorse’s Cannabis Venture

TORONTO, June 26, 2019 /CNW/

CannaHorse today announced it will launch the world’s first ever legal cannabis brand dedicated to horse health, providing a plant-based solution to traditional pharmaceuticals. 

Created for horse people, by horse people, CannaHorse will launch four product lines, created from specific formulations of cannabis using key cannabinoids and terpenes to treat ailments common in equine medicine. Product lines will be targeted to address concerns like pain and inflammation, anxiety/calming, exercise and surgical recovery, and overall wellness. Discussions are already well underway with equine competition regulators to provide the data necessary for cannabis to be viewed as equine medicine. 

The brand has access to a large number of horses and two testing facilities exclusively for performance tests and clinical trials. The horses are of varying ages and breeds and are used for both competition and breeding. Both facilities provide on-call veterinary care and full-time staff. 

Dr. Michael Lindinger, a former University of Guelph professor with more than 25 years of experience and one of Canada’s leading nutraceutical experts, will oversee the trials. Dr. Lindinger has offices in Ontario and Europe. He has led many peer-reviewed clinical trials, holds BSc and MSc degrees in comparative animal physiology and a PhD in medical sciences. 

“With more than 15 million horses in North America and Europe, the equine healthcare market is a growing billion dollar industry. We recognize the opportunity to bring the transformative power of cannabis and cannabinoids we see working in humans and other animals to life for horses,” says Warren Byrne, President of CannaHorse. “Our team has deep knowledge of the equestrian world. We understand how horses are meant to perform and how to care for them. We are thrilled with Health Canada’s recent announcement about conducting consultations to allow cannabis health products to be sold outside the current cannabis framework and look forward to participating.” 

“Cannabis is about to become the world’s most widely used medical substance for both people and animals,” comments Dr. Lindinger, PHD. “CannaHorse is taking a measured and scientific approach to their product development, something that is vital for any legitimate medical product.” 

In addition to product development, CannaHorse offers consulting, product development partnerships, and testing and clinical trying coordination. 

ABOUT CANNAHORSE: CannaHorse is the world’s first cannabis focused equine health company, advancing equine health through the medical benefits of cannabis.

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